• High Performance for Modern Architecture

    The highly insulated Reynaers SL 38 has a clean ‘steel look’ and is ideal for modern architecture.

Reynaers SL38 features a highly insulated 3-chamber system with ultra-slim profiles for increased thermal characteristics.

Great Energy Performance

SL38 gives you the choice of Standard or HI insulation levels – with U-Values down to 1.9 w/m2K, and fantastic Water and Wind performance.

Choice of 3 Frame Designs

With sightlines of just 65mm Outer-to-Sash, and 110mm from Sash-to-Sash – SL68 beats most other systems hands down.

Innovative Design

All SL38 windows and window-doors are available with hidden hinges to further add to the system’s excellent design.

Super Slim Sightlines

Super slim sightlines, with a minimum visible width frame (inward opening) of just 38.5 mm.


Maximum Width


Maximum Height


Maximum Glass Thickness


Choice of 3 Modern Frame Designs


Double or Triple Glazing


Highly insulated 3-chamber system

Technical Specifications
U ValueDown to 1.9 W/m²K
Burglar resistanceWK 2
AirClass 3 (600 Pa)
WaterClass 4A (150 Pa)
WindClass C3 (1200 Pa)
Document LCompliant

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Reynaers SL38

The highly insulated Reynaers SL38 has a clean ‘steel look’ and is ideal for modern architecture.

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Reynaers SL68 is a cost-effective premium aluminium casement window with super-slim slightlines.

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